CIMG0230.JPGGPS side view
Q,What this?
A,This is SDR front end built in GPS stabilized signal generator.

Q,What does this use for?
A,For sharing the signal which it received on the Internet.

The frequency of the signal which was received with Soft66GPS has precision of 10E-12.

Built in GPS module WI125(CW25-TIMOEM).

Main Fearture
2.5 to 30MHz receiving
IQ output
Controled from PC via USB
USB bus power

Soft66GPS is going to ship for DX from the latter half of February.
Because it is build-to-order manufacturing, please make reservations by e-mail.
The second lot is $198USD including shipping fee.
e-mail address is <my call sign>
Please note, it is needed deep knowledge of PC for use Soft66GPS.

 CIMG0219.JPGANT analog side view
 USB and digital circuit is separated from analog circuit by digital isolator.

   WI125 is mounted on solder side of PCB

Schematics Click for enlarge.

Setup for Soft66GPS

This instruction is adhoc until release of contoller for Soft66GPS.

You need install FTDI driver from here.
Read user manual.

1 step. send command to WI125 by NMEA viewer.
install NS3Kview.
choose COM port. Baud Rate to 38400.

send NMEA command.  Setup frequency is 1/2 for target frequency.
This sentence is setup 3.6MHz.
click Apply buttom and click YES. This command is stored. and you can use it again.


If LED is brinking red to green, GPS lock frequency.

2 step , setup BPF.
Shutdown NS3Kview and raunch DDS34 controller and set frequency to target frequency.
DDS34 can only setup BPF, not control frequency.

Now, there is pre-alpha version of Soft66GPS.

New version Soft66GPSLC is arriving. GPS_LC control.
Soft66GPSLC is compact and lower receiving range. 0.5 to 25MHz.