Artificial Ionosphere using Laser


Is it possible to make an artificial ionosphere using laser? If we can make artificial ionosphere where we want, we can communicate over the mountain and horizon. This text is how to make an artificial ionosphere with CO2 laser. Do you think this is false or true? (2010.4.27)

Curving Radio wave

curv rf

In 70's CQ HAM RADIO MAGAGINE, one article was written. the title was "curving radio wave ". It is simple way to curve radio wave.  Using two stacked Yagi antenna. Output frequency of under antenna is lower than an upper antenna. It was explanation that an electric wave curved, pulling by lower frequency radio wave of the under antenna.

This article was very attractive contents, but there was USO800 by small font. USO800 means April joke.

Curving radio wave by ionosphere

In the natural world, it is known that radio wave curve by ionosphere. Ionosphere is produced by Solar wind. It is a layer of the atmosphere which ionized. Ionized?

There is an experiment that lead thunder with laser by Institute for Laser Technology in 1992. Leading thunder experiment is using CO2 laser for ionizing atmosphere.  Atmosphere is ionized by lighting CO2 laser. Output power is 1kW. It is known that a microwave is easy to go along the ionized atmosphere at another experiment.

A strong laser can ionize atmosphere in a short time.
If I irradiate a laser at the same time in the aggravation of radio wave directionionized atmosphere can curve radio wave?

using laser