Do you want to receive over internet?
It is easy. cheap Soft66IP help you.
Please note, upconverter is better than direct sampling for openwebrx.
I use MEMS OSC. MEMS is very clean Lo.
If you want direct sampling type, please ask me. direct sampling is good for VLF.
shipment start at March 1.  $96USD including shipping fee.

you need
also you need ExtIO_RTLTCP
download zip and copy ExtIO_RTLTCP.dll into HDSDR folder.
mini USB cable for power supply. 5V,0.5 to 1A is recommeded.
Internet connection and Local area net with DHCP router.
10BASE-T Ethernet cable for 10BASE or 100BASE LAN

TEST RUN Openwebrx on soft66ip
if server is down, please request up. please do not use proxy.
test converter is +48MHz.
Please set contrast of your screen.
detail of Soft66IP


You can select rtl_tcp or openwebrx
there is two way to change rtl_tcp and openwebrx.
login with ssh, and edit /etc/rc.local   you need terminal soft.
another way is ftp.  login  as ftp client. download /etc/rc.local
edit file and upload it.

Openwebrx is default on shipping.

you can access by FTP client.
/etc/rc.local is setting file.
get rc.local and edit it.
# is commeent mark.

# remove # for active rtl_tcp
# rtl_tcp -a
# remove # for active openwebrx
sudo -H -u soft66ip tmux new -d -s openwebrx-session 'bash -c "cd /home/soft66ip/openwebrx; ./; bash"'

edit rc.local and put it into /etc

if you want option USB port, use -d option.

rtl_tcp -a -d 1

-d 1 ->  additional RTL-SDR at option USB port.

setting up openwebrx
openwebrx is already installed. you need to change

samp_rate = 300000
center_freq = 57100000   # +50MHz for target frequency
rf_gain = 40 # 0 is auto gain. you need to check suitable gain on screen with RF trimer of Soft66ip

setting up rtl_tcp
plug mini USB cable, Ethernet cable, RF antenna
after few minutes later. you need to know IP adress of Soft66IP.
you can look admin screen of router. like this.

please note, This is example. is IP of Soft66IP. you may look different IP on your router.

you have already install HDSDR, ExtIO_RTLTCP.dll into HDSDR folder.
launch HDSDR. dialog is shown.
select ExtIO_RTLTCP.dll and OK.
click OK and click EXTIO

Hostname is IP adress of Soft66IP
Port is default.
Sample Rate is depend on your net. please try 300000 low rate.
Direct sampling 0 -> disable, 1 -> I, 2 -> Q  select 0 for under 24MHz
select 0 for 24MHz above.
Freq Correction is 0
click OK. please start HDSDR on the net.
NOTE, move click RF gain tab. If no action to RF gain, signals are under the noise.

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