New DDS board for Soft66 series

DDS-34B japanese


  • up to about 35MHz recieving with Soft66
  • easy connecting with USB(needs ftdi driver)
  • you can customize control soft, VB.NET source code is including.(alpha version is here. control frequency by mouse wheel easy)
  • AD9834CRUZ + FT245RL + ICS512M inexpensive! only $40USD(air-mail shipping fee is including)


you need PC with USB interface and mini USB cable.

  • DDS-34 setting is next step.
  • installing FTDI drivers on your PC
  • replace 74AC04 with DDS-34B.
  • put into the 14 pin IC socket.
  • Soft66DB2 DC power ON.
  • connect plug mini USB cable to DDS-34
  • wait initialize FTDI driver( few seconds)
  • exec DDS34 control soft.
  • set CLK to 75MHz. Please check OSC frequency of your DDS-34B.
  • enter frequency in form and click write buttom.

You can buy DDS-34 via PAYPAL. MY PayPal e-mail address is

New DDS34B will be arriving soon!DDS-34B Price is only $40USD include shipping fee. All components are soldered.Shipping begin on 11 March

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DDS34 is discontinued. Please look Soft66AD.